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Our Watchdog Reports are available on Factset, Thomson-Reuters and Capital IQ.
Contact us for individual subscriptions within a group or firm.

Individual subscription plans
Watchdog Reports

Unlimited access to over 4,500 companies

Red, yellow and green flags on 31 issues

Selected information that tells the whole story

Instant links to original company filings

PDF Report download available

$5000 / year

Featured GE Report
Gray Swan Event Factors
Watchdog Reports included

Actuarial risk analysis for 4,500 companies

Predicts negative price risks covering 31 items

Use for more exact valuation and price targets

PDF Report download available


$8000 / year

Featured GE Report
Firm subscription plan
Portfolio Scorecard
Watchdog Reports included
GSEF Reports included      

A portfolio's weighted-avg Gray Swan Event Factor

Compare to peer portfolio Gray Swan Event Factors

Access each held-stock’s GSEF and WDR reports

All firm’s employees get full access to all reports

Additional $30,000: Portfolio holders get access


$13,000 / firm / year

Subscriptions to the Portfolio Scorecard Report are handled directly through our sales office. Please contact: [email protected] Featured Yorktown Mgt Research Report